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Attachments from Reporters + Request Participants SOLVED

When a reporter or request participant added an attachment to an issue via email, the attachment would not be viewable in the customer portal. Now, the attachments will appear in a bulleted list beneath the description when an issue is first created, or below the comment when an issue is updated. 

Attachments viewable in the customer portal

Open Issues / Reply via Email RT V. SD DIFFERENCE

After someone opens an issue via email or replies to an issue via email, there is a slight delay before Service Desk picks it up. In a nutshell, this is because the emails go to a holding place and get batch transferred to Service Desk every minute or so. Don't worry – your email will show up soon!

Comment via Email RT V. SD DIFFERENCE

In Service Desk, comments made via email are always viewable by all users.  That is, if you reply to an issue, your message will be sent to the reporter, assignee, and all watchers. If you would like to limit your message to just your colleagues, you'll need to log in to the Service Desk interface and make an Internal comment there.

Aliases TO DO

Your Service Desk account can be tied either to your or to your By default, you're set up with your If you are already tied to an issue, e.g. by being a Reporter, Additional Reporter, Assignee, or Watcher 1/2/3, though, and you reply via email to update an issue, then you need to respond from the email address associated with your Service Desk account in order to have your message added to the issue. You never have to worry about this if you only ever update issues via the customer portal or the technician interface. If you want to associate your email address to your Service Desk account, please contact Lindsay.

Moving Issues PAUSED

When you move an issue from one Service Desk to another, the status stays the same. This means that if an issue is in In Progress and it's moved to another Service Desk, the issue will remain in the In Progress status. We are in the process of figuring out how to be able to make it clear to the second Service Desk that it has just been sent a new issue.

Service Desk will ask you to select a new status when you're moving to an issue type that does not have the status that you're currently in. So, this will be the case for issues moving in and outside of THD and in and outside of SEC: Report.

Paused based on feedback received from a survey.

Comments made via E-mail are not sent to Assignee, Watcher 1,2,3 SOLVED

After a recent upgrade of JIRA to version 6.3.12, a bug was introduced in which the Assignee, Watcher 1 / 2 / 3 would not receive the JIRA notification, even though the comment is properly added to the ticket. As a workaround, we have modified the notification schemes to send notifications on all updates to an issue, which includes a comment being added via e-mail. Until this bug is fixed by Atlassian, the Assignee and all Watchers will receive issue update notifications, e.g. changing the priority of an issue, adding a label, etc. 

We will update the status of this bug once Atlassian provides an update to the software.


With the recent upgrade of JIRA to 6.4.7, this bug has been resolved, and the original notification scheme has been added. 

Dashboard Not Loading in Firefox SOLVED

A number of users have reported issues with their Service Desk dashboard not loading completely, even after a number of attempts to refresh the page. This is a known issue with Firefox's SafeBrowsing functionality. 


As of 1/2/2015, JIRA was upgraded to version 6.3.12 and seems to have resolved this issue.

Your Name SOLVED

Your name might appear differently than you expect (e.g. just your username instead of your name, or your maiden name instead of your married name). This is because that information is being pulled from a system that we don't typically pull names from.  We are trying to figure out how to update people's names so they look as you'd expect.



On July 23, SDR-86: Replicated data from OpenLDAP to AD.

Adding People as Watchers SOLVED

There are a few known issues related to watching, which is like cc'ing someone.

  1. When someone opens an issue via email and cc's another person, the cc'ed person will only be added as a Watcher on the issue if they already have an account in Service Desk.
    • Solved on August 2, SDR-92: gave 1899 active faculty and staff members Service Desk accounts so that they can be cc'ed upon issue creation.
  2. From the Service Desk Team interface, you won't be able to add just anyone to the watch list. 
    1. In our development environment, you won't be able to add any Brandeis person. When we go live, however, you will be able to add any Brandeis person to the watch list.
    2. Even after we go live, in order to add a non-Brandeis person as a reporter or watcher, you'll first need to make them an account.
  3. People who are watchers do not get notified upon issue updates.
    • Solved on July 30: see Notifications via Email, which describes a Watcher custom field that gives technicians the ability to get updates about particular issues.

Assignees SOLVED

When an issue is assigned to a particular person and then Moved to another Service Desk, that assignee is not removed. That is, the assignee remains; the issue does not become unassigned. Current workaround is to unassign it before moving the issue.


On August 29, SDR-223: When an issue is moved to another Service Desk, the assignee is now removed. (Exception: when an issue is moved into THD, the current assignee is removed, and Anne is set as the assignee.)

Attachments to the Reporter SOLVED

When a technician adds an attachment to an issue, the Reporter is not emailed the attachment. We are working to figure out how to be able to give the Reporter access to view the attachment. Suggested workaround is to send a link to the attachment in Box or another similar system.

Note: When Reporters add attachments through the customer portal or via email, those attachments are visible to the technician. (This is as it should be.)



 On August 20: when technicians use More -> Attach Files, the attachment they add is now sent to the Reporter (and any Additional Reporters, Watchers, and the Assignee). Note that the Reporter and Additional Reporters always receive the attached file, even if you add a comment that is restricted. (For example, if you attach a file and, while doing so, add a comment that is restricted to Team and Coworkers, the Reporter and Additional Reporters will get an email with the attachment but not the comment.)