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I try to login to a computer or service with my Brandeis username and password, but my password is rejected. I am sure I typed it correctly. The error message is "clients credentials have been revoked". Did someone cancel my account??

What the error means

This Microsoft Help page says that the typical explanation for this error is "Can indicate that the user's account is locked or expired (account expired, not password expired)"

At Brandeis, we usually see this error when a series of bad attempts to log into an account triggers a brief lockout of the account (I think the timeout is 5 minutes and the limit is 3 bad password attempts in a row).

What to do

If you type your password wrong too many times in a row, your account gets locked. No need to call the Help Desk -- go have a coffee, come back in five minutes, try again and it should work.


Remembered Passwords

I just changed my password, but I keep getting this error.

If you are still logged into a Windows computer, your credentials are remembered until you log out. It may help to log out of  or reboot all your computers when you change your password.


Resetting my password helps temporarily but the error recurs. Why?

When the error keeps popping up over a long period of time as described above, the most likely explanation is that some device somewhere has your correct username but the wrong password stored. It keeps trying to login to something at Brandeis with those credentials -- and it locks the account by doing so. It could be

  • a computer on which you stored your password
  • a cell phone trying to log into wireless network
  • or an internet service somewhere.
  • mapped drives on a computer you logged into with an old password
  • tt is even possible that it isn't you (some device somewhere is trying to masquerade as you) -- in practice, though, usually it was you.

These errors can be a pain to diagnose. Please use great care when programs offer to save your UNet username and password for you. (if in doubt, say no)