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Ensemble Video offers an integrated screen capture / presentation recording software program. 


  • Ensemble users can use the Anthem application to create screen capture and webcam recordings, which can be automatically uploaded into the user’s Ensemble Media Library.
  • To use Anthem, click on the record button on your main Media Library page to download and launch the software.


  • The first time a user clicks the Record button, they will be presented with a new window to download the Anthem application. Please allow up to 30 seconds for the application to detect and choose the proper installer before the download window appears!


  • Once the Anthem application is installed, the Record button will launch Anthem, and configure the application to connect with the currently selected Media Library.

    The first time Anthem launches, click Settings from the application to confirm that your Webcam and Microphone are selected properly.




  • From the Settings screen, you can also adjust advanced settings like your webcam’s resolution, or view the storage location for the saved capture files.

  • Click the Record tab to view all recording options: Screen capture, screen capture with a picture-in-picture webcam, webcam only, or voice only. Click on an option to start a recording.




  • A timer will count down five seconds, then the application will start recording. The application may be minimized during the recording. Click on the Anthem icon in the Windows or Mac taskbar/dock to reveal the mid-recording options:


  • The editor will then appear, allowing you to trim the beginning and end of your recording as well as chop sections out of the middle. Once you are done editing, click "Done".


  • You can now name your file and upload it to your library. When naming the video, DO NOT use any special characters (!@#$%:.....etc) or you will encounter an error during upload. Once the video has been uploaded, you can edit the name from your Ensemble library and include special characters.






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