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Millipore Filter

There is a big jug for Millipore water right next to the scales, on the fix sink. It has a little hose attached to the bottom for pouring.

It can be filled using the Millipore filter in the autoclave room. The filter should be left on standby. To start, press the OPERATE/STANDBY button, and wait until the resistivity reaches 18.2 MΩ. Once this happens, place the output hose into the big jug, and turn the knob on the upper middle part of the filter from RECIRCULATE to PRODUCTION. This will make the water flow. Fill up the jug as much as is needed, and turn to knob back to RECIRCULATE and press the OPERATE/STANDBY button again, to switch to standby mode. Place hose back into its holster. If the machine is misbehaving, or wants the filter to be renewed, let the Lisman lab know.

Washing Dishes

Obtain Sparkleen 2 (for machine washing) in the specified amount (on the bottle) and drop it into the bottom of the washing machine. (Estimate: the washing machine likely uses about 10L of water to wash, so make calculations accordingly) 

Place glassware on the racks and start up the washing machine. 


BEFORE using the autoclave you MUST be shown the proper operating procedure by someone who is sufficiently familiar with these autoclaves. This includes everyone, whether you have prior autoclaving experience or not!

****Important: Make sure to press "Reset Jacket Steam" before powering the autoclave off!!!*****

PPE: Use the orange terry gloves in all parts of the process (all surfaces of the autoclave can get hot!) and wear protective clothing over both of your arms, from shoulder to wrist. 

For use of Autoclaves refer to these diagrams: 


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