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How to submit your work and access the originality report.

Turnitin is an automated tool that checks submitted works for originality, highlighting where matches to other sources may occur. This can highlight instances of plagiarism, even if they are inadvertent. Most of the time, students will be able to see the results of this check, and perhaps have an opportunity to revise and resubmit their work. Individual instructors can choose how and when to make use of Turnitin.

  1. When Turnitin is used, it is a part of a standard LATTE Assignment activity. Open up your course in LATTE and submit your work through the designated assignment. Documentation on Assignments can be found at Completing Assignments for Students
  2. The first time you submit to a Turnitin enabled assignment, you will be asked to accept the terms of use. This only occurs the first time.
  3. After submitting your work, it can take up to a half an hour for it to be processed and the report to be available.  You'll find the report on the Assignment submission page. Return to your course in LATTE and open up the Assignment link.  You'll see a page similar to the screenshot to the right, showing your submission status, including what you submitted, when you submitted it, and the grading status. When the Turnitin Originality Report is available you'll also see a small color coded bar with a percentage indicating how much of the work matched other sources.  Click on the percentage bar to open the full report in a new window.
  4. A sample report is included in the screenshot to the right.  The report will show your document, and highlight the portions that match other sources. The sidebar will include a summary of which other sources were matched, and how much of the submitted work matches a particular source. Depending on the choices made by the instructor, this report may or may not filter out properly cited materials or bibliographies.
  5. You may wish to read the Turnitin documentation on interpreting the Originality Report.


**Please be aware that a second submission through TurnItIn can take up to 24 hours to be returned** 

Submission status page

Originality Report