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The Echo360 Active Learning Platform is comprised of a suite of tools for recording live lectures in the classrooms, pre-recording lectures for students to watch outside of class, as well as interactive tools intended to be used in the classroom to enhance student engagement. The platform is designed to enhance student learning through interaction and engagement and also allow faculty to track student engagement through the platform's comprehensive analytics tools.

Automated Lecture Capture

The Echo360 automated lecture capture system is installed in select classrooms on campus and allows for sessions to be scheduled for automatic recording. These recordings have the ability to incorporate both content (anything that comes out of the projector) as well as video (via a video camera installed in the room) or just one or the other. Recordings are generally available within a few hours after the end of the session. 

After submitting a Lecture Capture Request Form, you will be provided with a link to your class's "Echo Center". This is a web page that can be shared with students, and will aggregate with links to all of the recordings throughout the semester. Students will be required to login with their Unet credentials in order to view the recordings. Faculty can then track which students are watching the recordings, and can even see which parts of the recording are being watched the most.

Classrooms that are equipped with automated capture systems include:

  • Abelson 131 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Gerstenzang 121
  • Gerstenzang 123 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Gerstenzang 124 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Golding 110 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Heller-Schneider G4
  • Mandel G3 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Mandel G12 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Olin-Sang 101
  • Pollack 001 (Auditorium) (auto-tracking camera)
  • Rosenstiel 118 (auto-tracking camera)
  • Schwartz 112 (Auditorium)
  • Schwartz 103 (Seminar room)
  • Shapiro Science Center LL16
  • Shapiro Science Center GL14
  • IBS Lee Hall (auto-tracking camera)
  • IBS International Hall
  • IBS Lemberg 54
  • IBS Lemberg 55

To request your class to be recorded via the Echo360 automated system, please fill out this request form.

If you have any further questions about lecture capture, send a request to


Echo360 Personal Capture Software

The Echo360 Personal Capture software is available to all Brandeis users and allows one to record a presentation on a computer and easily share the recording with students on the Echo360 platform. This solution can also be used to record live class sessions in classrooms that are not equipped with fully automated lecture capture systems. The software is compatible on both Mac and PC platforms. More information and access to an account can be found by emailing

Intactive Tools for the Classroom

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