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  1. create a mount point (in this case, /mnt/bio-office)
  2. use the command mount with the option -t cifs to mount the remote share at the mount point. 
  3. once the share is mounted, switch back to your unprivileged (non-root) user account to work.
    1. in the example below, username=karel is the username on; uid=karelkarelsf indicates that I want the share to be mount owned by local user karelsf when mounted)
  4. when done, use the command umount to umount the share.
Code Block
[root@elephant ~]# mkdir /mnt/bio-office
[root@elephant ~]# mount -t cifs -o username=karel,uid=karelkarelsf // /mnt/bio-office
[root@elephant ~]# ls /mnt/bio-office
Access Information        Faculty Course Evaluations            Adjunct Appointments      Faculty CVs
[root@elephant ~]# umount /mnt/bio-office