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Documentation for procedures in the pre-award (applying for grants, contracts, etc.) in the Division of Science goes here

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  • Director, Division of Science Finance, Personnel, and Pre-Award Groups;
  • Administrative Manager, Biology & Neuroscience;
  • Assistant Director, Volen Center for Complex Systems


Volen 209, MS 013
781-736-4870 (office)
781-736-2398 (fax)

Meghan Hennelly

  • Manager, Pre-award Grants Administration
  • Administrative Manager, Chemistry


Edison-Lecks 212A 
781-736-2501 (office)
781-736-2516 (fax)

Christine DiBlasi, PhD
Pre-Award Grants Administrator

Edison-Lecks 119, MS015

781-736-2502 (office)

781-736-2516 (fax)

Claudia Wellington
Pre-Award Grants Administrator

Edison-Lecks 119, MS015
781-736-2515 (office)

781-736-2516 (fax)

Paula Shelly
Pre-Award Grants Administrator

Administrator for the Rosenstiel Center



Rosenstiel 106, MS 029
781-736-2403 (office)

Matthew Fierman, PhD

Pre-Award Grants Administrator

Edison-Lecks 119, MS 015

781-736-2512 (office)

781-736-2516 (fax)