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Brandeis is using Gmail, Google's hosted email service, as its email platform for all faculty, staff, and students. 

We recommend that people use Gmail on the web in a browser like Firefox or Chrome. If you would prefer to use a mail client, view our Apple Mail or Thunderbird setup directions.

For Brandeis email addresses, settings such as mail forwarding and creating mail aliases are updated on instead of your usual Gmail settings


Getting Started


The links below bring you to Google's instructions and tutorials. if you wish to keep this page open while viewing these links, right-click and choose 'Open in a New Tab'.




Email on Your Mobile Phone

Most cell phones, have their own default application for mail. Gmail also has its own mobile app that is available in most App or Play Stores. 

Instructions on how to set it up on your mobile device can be found here.

Desktop Notifications

If you choose to use the Gmail web client, but would still like to receive notifications for incoming messages please use the following software. 


If you are having trouble with Google's spam filters, please see Google's support documentation.

Checking your Brandeis Email Elsewhere

Forward your email

To disable or enable mail forwarding from your Brandeis account, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose either 'Don't forward - deliver to my Brandeis inbox (default)' to disable forwarding or 'Forward my mail off-campus' to enable forwarding.
    1. If you choose 'Forward my mail off-campus', a small field will appear when you can enter the email address where your mail will be forwarded.
  3. Once your changes have been made, choose the 'Update my mail options' button.

**By default, student Brandeis email addresses are set to automatically forward to the personal account you used to set up your Brandeis account. 

How to send mail as your address from your address 


If you follow all of these steps, you'll respond using your Brandeis email address rather than your personal address, and you'll be able to write to listservs without getting an error!

  • Login to your Brandeis email account ( 

  • Enable "less secure applications"

  • Open your personal Gmail

  • Click the gear in the top right 

  • Select Settings

  • Open the Accounts tab

  • Click "Add another email address you own" and follow the steps provided

  • Once your email address is added to your personal account:

    • Open your personal Gmail.

    • Click the gear in the top right.

    • Select Settings

    • Open the Accounts tab

    • In the “Send mail as” section, choose your setting under “When replying to a message.”

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