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Academic administrators must contact LATTE Help to be given access to LATTE courses.

If you are looking bulk enroll multiple guests to your course (10+) - please reach out to LATTE Help for special instructions.


Log into LATTE and select the course you wish to add the assistant or guest user from the list of courses you are teaching.
Note: If you wish add an assistant or guest user to a metacourse (which has the "-ALL" designation on the course number), you must add them to the individual course sections rather than the metacourse.

Click here for more information on metacourses.

Click on the "Enroll Users" link within the LATTE Course Tools block on the left hand side of the page.
Here you have a list of everyone enrolled in the course and their assigned roles.  Click "Enroll Users" to assign different roles and add people to the course.

Search for the person you want to assign a role to in the search bar at the top of the box - by typing in their name. The search matches will appear in the menu directly below for you to click on to add them. When they are added, their name and email address will appear above the search box in dark blue.

Continue adding any other names of people to enroll in your class - making sure that everyone you add will have the same role in the course.



Next, assign a role to the users that you've added by selecting the role from the dropdown menu at the bottom (Grading TA, Guest Student, or Guest Participant). The role you select will be applied to all users you've added.


  • Grading TA - Grading TA is a pre-defined assistant role in LATTE. Grading TAs have the most privileges within LATTE. Like an instructor, Grading TAs can create and modify the resources, activities, and files within a course.
    Grading TAs can grade student assignments and view the gradebook. A Grading TA can see all students' grades within the course.
  • Guest Student - Guest students are able to participate in LATTE courses just as regularly enrolled students, and can submit assignments, post to forums, and be graded.
  • Guest Participant - Guest participants have "view only" privileges within the LATTE course. They may access readings and materials, but cannot submit assignments, post to forums, or be an active participant in the course. 
    Also, the instructor must change the course settings to "Allow guest participants" in order for the guest participant to enter the LATTE course.

To complete these changes, click "Enroll selected users and cohorts" at the bottom of the window

You'll now see that the user(s) you added will be enrolled with the role that you selected from the dropdown.