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  • Users have full access to install software packages in their home directory using common package managers such as miniconda and anaconda.
  • Users should not use their home directory (/home/<username>) for long-term large data storage. Instead, they should consult their lab's PI and ITS Help Desk to request for data storage.
  • Users should use their work directory ($WORK) for short-term temporary large data storage.
  • Users should use Interactive Jobs for any of the following jobs:
    • Data Visualizing
    • Code Compiling
    • Software Testing
    • Code Debugging
    • Any task that requires frequent changes to the run configurations
  • Users should use their work directory ($WORK) for any of the following job submissions:

    • Big data jobs (10 GB < data size < 1 TB) 
    • Frequent data writing to the system
    • Frequent reading/writing/executing of many small files