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Currently, the ITS team is unable to change the link to Fix the Web as a fix needed at the ATBar developer level, outside of Latte/Moodle. Additionally, the Fix the Web site is under construction through the Knowbility organization. While the site mentions that updates should have been made by June 2018, Fix the Web still does not work as of August 2018. Should students experience accessibility issues that they wish to report, they should reach out to Student Accessibility Support, within the Office of Academic Services by calling 1-781-736-3470 or by emailing


Cannot find a guest student or TA on the list to add to your course

If you cannot find a student to add as a guest student or TA, check to see if the student has enrolled in the course before and dropped it. Dropped students are listed as "suspended" in the course, rather than deleted, in case they re-enroll so any assignments are not lost. You can tell a student is suspended because the "enrollment info" is greyed out.

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Clicking on a file gives a 'localhost' error