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Follmann, R., Goldsmith, C. J., & Stein, W. (2018). Multimodal sensory information is represented by a combinatorial code in a sensorimotor system. PLoS biologyBiology16(10), e2004527. Link PDF

Presented by Philipp Rosenbaum


Zhao, S., Golowasch, J. P., & Nadim, F. (2010). Pacemaker neuron and network oscillations depend on a neuromodulator-regulated linear current. Frontiers in behavioral neuroscienceBehavioral Neuroscience4, 21. Link PDF

Presented by Dave Hampton


Cymbalyuk, G. S., Gaudry, Q., Masino, M. A., & Calabrese, R. L. (2002). Bursting in leech heart interneurons: cell-autonomous and network-based mechanisms. Journal of Neuroscience22(24), 10580-10592. Link PDF

Presented by Leandro Alonso


Li, X., Bucher, D., & Nadim, F. (2018). Distinct co-modulation rules of synapses and voltage-gated currents coordinate interactions of multiple neuromodulators. Journal of Neuroscience38(40), 8549-8562. Link PDF

Presented by Srinivas Gorur-Shandilya


Kirby, M. S., & Nusbaum, M. P. (2007). Peptide hormone modulation of a neuronally modulated motor circuit. Journal of Neurophysiology98(6), 3206-3220. Link PDF
DeLong, N. D., Kirby, M. S., Blitz, D. M., & Nusbaum, M. P. (2009). Parallel regulation of a modulator-activated current via distinct dynamics underlies comodulation of motor circuit output. Journal of Neuroscience29(39), 12355-12367. Link PDF

Presented by Dan Powell


Grashow, R., Brookings, T., & Marder, E. (2009). Reliable neuromodulation from circuits with variable underlying structure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences106(28), 11742-11746. Link PDF

Presented by Katya Morozova


Fröhlich, F., Sejnowski, T. J., & Bazhenov, M. (2010). Network bistability mediates spontaneous transitions between normal and pathological brain states. Journal of Neuroscience30(32), 10734-10743. Link PDF

Presented by Leandro Alonso