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As graduate students in the sciences, we know the "academic path" like the back of our hands.


Get the right skills in graduate school.


Postdoc. (Or two.)


Publish, publish, publish, and try to get the Big Paper.


This path is taught to us.  Our mentors sometimes assume that we are on it, instead of considering it as one of many options.  And other paths are, well, alternatives.

The Career Development for the Sciences Knowledge Base is an effort to demystify these "alternative" paths.

It is written by Brandeis students, for Brandeis students.  It is a fully-editable, crowd sourced repository of knowledge where we can share what we know about careers outside of academia.


Topics include:

What careers are available to me?  (Pharmaceuticals, science policy, data science, technical consulting, and more!)

How do I research these careers?  (Boston area career fares, internships, Brandeis resources, and more!)

How do I prepare for my first professional position?  (Building a resume, interview skills, networking, To Postdoc or Not To Postdoc?, and more!)

Networking, now!  ("I'll trade you my Takeda contact for your Biogen recruiter.")


BUT in order for this to work, we need you.

If you are (or ever were) a Brandeis graduate student, and you know something about an industry or career skill, we invite you to create a page on the topic.

We don't care if you are a first year rotation student or a 10 year alum.  We need your knowledge and participation.  If you have valuable knowledge or skills, share them!




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The purpose of the space is for the newly formed Career Development Steering Committee for the Division of Science to provide a wiki full of resources for information and help articles for various things like building a resume or other ideas with Brandeis students in the sciences as the intended audience.


Frequently asked questions

  • Add links to popular how-to and troubleshooting articles.
  • Highlight important documentation.

Need more help?

  • Link to resources such as your service desk, questions & answers or a forum.
  • List contacts for getting additional help.

Other resources

  • Include links to relevant external sites and services.
  • Add other helpful information.



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