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The Latte Videos Block allows instructors to request and add videos from the Library for inclusion in their course(s). 



Please note that only instructors can make this request.

Make a request to the Library

Turn editing on by clicking on the "Turn Editing On" button on the upper right-hand corner or under Course Utilities in the Administration block.Image Removed
Select LATTE Videos from the drop-down menu in "Add a Block".Image Removed
Click the Add a video link under your new LATTE Videos block.Image Removed

Use the Streaming Media Request form to give some information about the video.

The title of the film, year, and the name of the director are required; we also ask that you enter the date you’ve assigned the video for class.  

If the film is in a foreign language, be sure to let us know which language you’d like for subtitles (default is none).

There are also some optional fields you can use to provide additional information that may help us to speed the processing time of your request.



Image Removed

You should receive an e-mail confirming that your request has been received. If you’d like to request another movie for the same course, there’s a link you can click to quickly return to the online form.

You’ll receive another e-mail when your video is ready, and you’ll see it in the LATTE Videos block on your course page.

You can use the “show” or “hide” links to choose which videos you’d like your students to see when they log into your course.


If you did not receive an email confirmation or would like to follow-up on your request, please send an email to or call 781-736-4630 for assistance.






Organize your requested videos


Once the videos have been added to the course, enter your LATTE course homepage. Click the “turn editing on” button, and locate the LATTE videos block.

Commands to hide (or show) videos will appear next to each title, along with up and down arrows.


If you click “(hide)” the video will not be visible to your students and the title will be moved to the bottom of the list. Additionally, hidden titles do not have arrows.

You must show the title to move it. When you click “(show)” the video will be made visible to your students and the title will be moved to the top of the list. 






Only films in Brandeis University’s collection can be added to LATTE. LATTE Videos are accessible to the students in the course and for the duration of the course only. 



For complete instructions on making this request through the library, please visit the Brandeis Library Collections page here.

To reach out for assistance with a request or to follow up on a request that you've already made, you can email or call 781-736-4630.




For more information on managing blocks, click on the Add and Edit Blocks page.

If you are looking to add video or audio from an Ensemble playlist, please read Adding Ensemble Media or Playlist to Course