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How to use

The instructor must add the Quickmail block to his/her LATTE course. Learn more about adding blocks 
Click on the Compose New Email link under the Quickmail block

From the Potential Recipients list on the bottom right corner, select the course participants with whom you wish to communicate.

Then click the Add button on the left of the list. You can also type in emails in the Additional Emails space below.



If you do not see a specific student or enrolled participant within the recipients list, they either:

  • have dropped the course and the system updated their enrollment
  • they are enrolled in the course but only have the "authenticated user" role (need to add student/guest/participant/TA role)
  • they have not successfully enrolled in the course in sage
  • they need to be manually added to the course (common for guests and TAs)

*The Quickmail block does not include enrolled users with the "Guest Participant" or "Academic Administrator" roles by default. This can be changed through the Configuration settings for the block (click on "Configuration" in the block)

Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk if you need assistance.

Scroll down and you should see an area to attach files to your email, a subject line box, and a description box.
To include attachments in your email, press the buttons on the upper-left corner of the attachment area, or drag and drop files into the attachment area. 

Type in a subject line and compose your message. Your email will not send without a subject line. 


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Send Email”.