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titleOld databases no longer primary
Databases no longer in ususe - the interfaces can be removed from SciComputers.
  1. Netreg: this is the new registration database. This also creates the dynamic DNS names See
  2. Norm; this was the old registration database used so that computers can get IP addresses via DHCP. Though no longer in use for that purpose, it is still functioning for the assignment of DNS names, and for polling the arp tables to see what HW address has been at what IP. See
    • no longer exists; Somewhere or other I think I kept a copy of the "last seen" information
    • DNS is controlled via Route 53 / AWS. 
  3. Secscan: this is the result of the periodic vulnerability scans. I believe this is slated for replacement Summer 2011. See
    • also no longer exists, I think. Not replaced by anything directly accessible.

Databases that still are there but are not primary

  1. Route53: no longer the primary source of DNS information, but I can still log into it and maybe still in use? (Feb 2019)