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Using DNAStar at Brandeis

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Private administrator notes are at Lasergene Server Administration.


  • 21 Jun 2011 License server was updated to allow use of Lasergene 9. Installers for Lasergene 9 placed on
    • we have access to newer versions, but the license server might need updating. Contact karel.
  • software installers moved to (use windows file sharing to access)


DNAStar Lasergene is a package of computer programs for manipulating and analyzing DNA and protein sequence data.

For all new installs, please use the Lasergene 8 or Lasergene 9 instructions.

Usage Notes and Guidelines

  • Usage from within the Brandeis campus network only. If using wireless, you must be using the eduroam network.
  • We have licenses for 5 simultaneous users.
  • Please be patient if the licenses are all in use, and considerate in quitting the program promptly when you are done using it.
  • If running LASERGENE fails repeatedly, e-mail and I will look at the license server and determine if anyone has accidentally left the program open.

notes on installing Lasergene 9

  • the installers are in \\\DNASTAR (on mac, smb:// ) - look in the subfolder LASERGENE 9. NOTE: that is a windows file sharing path, not an address you can type into a web browser.
    • DNASTARLASERGENE90AMACINSTALLER.DMG is the disk image for the mac installer
    • DNASTARLASERGENE90CWININSTALLER.EXE is a self-extracting archive for the Windows installer. Probably you have to copy this to your computer to extract it.
  • the installers include products for which we don't own licenses. You should install the Core Suite. The Lasergene Navigator can be installed, although I'm not quite sure how useful it is.
  • you are using a network license server. You can use as the address.

on OS X Lion and above(?)  (>= 10.7.3)

  • it works, but on a couple machines I tried, I had to do the following
    1. run the installer named DNASTAR Lasergene Installer at the top level. Regardless of what applications you pick, the only thing that seems to get installed is the license client.
    2. after that is done, go into Contents and run the installer for Lasergene 9.0.4 Core Suite install



Not finding the license server?

  • Run , tell it you are using a network license, and that the license server is

Installing Lasergene 8

As of 19 Nov 2009, Lasergene 8.0.3 versions for Windows and Mac OS X are available for use by Brandeis users.

  • the installers are in \\\DNASTAR - look in the subfolder LASERGENE 8. NOTE: that is a windows file sharing path, not an address you can type into a web browser.
  • Lasergene 6 and 7 installations should still be functional. By Dec 1, 2009, you will have to fix the license server IP address. Lasergene 5 installations are not (we no longer have the license server running)
  • Brandeis Life Sciences users wanting to install Lasergene must e-mail Steven Karel to request that your UNet account be added to the list of allowed users.
    • Note: your UNet account is only required to install the software. Once installed correctly, it'll run for any user on the computer.
    • Note, you must be on the Brandeis wired ethernet or secure wireless networks to run the software.

operating system compatibility

tested and working

  • Mac OS X 10.5 [Intel]
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7

not supported

  • linux

Installing on Mac OS X

  1. From the OS X Finder, choose Go > Connect to Server...
  2. In the address box, enter smb://
  3. Authenticate with your USERS domain (UNet) password. Workgroup/Domain should be 'USERS', Username should be your UNet username.
  4. Open the subfolder LASERGENE 8 and copy the file LASERGENE_OSX.DMG to your own hard drive. You can unmount the share once you've done this.
  5. Double-click the local copy of LASERGENE_OSX.DMG and open the new "drive" LasergeneClient8 that appears on your desktop.
  6. Run the installer Lasergene 8.0.3 Mac install. This will require you to have administrator privileges on the Mac you are installing upon.
  7. Accept the license agreement and install the software.
  8. Run the software. Please stay away from the applications LicenseManagerLG8 and CommuterLicenseManagerLG8, they aren't relevant to your use. In fact, go ahead and delete them.

Installing on Windows

  1. From the Start menu, choose Run
  2. In the =Open:- box, enter
    1. if your computer is in the USERS domain, just type \\\DNASTAR
    2. if your computer is NOT in the USERS domain, type NET USE S:  \\\DNASTAR /USER:USERS\yourUNetname e.g. I would type NET USE S:  \\\DNASTAR /USER:USERS\KAREL. Use your USERS domain (UNet) password to log in.
      • alternatively, use the Map Network Drive tool (right-click My Computer) to map drive S: to \\\DNASTAR -- use the "connect as different user" link.
    3. Then open drive S: from My Computer
  3. Open the subfolder LASERGENE 8 and run the installer LASERGENE 8.0.3 WIN INSTALL.EXE.
  4. Accept the license agreement and install the software.

Old Install instructions

Installing Lasergene 7 - Installing Lasergene 6

Help and Troubleshooting

DNAStar Contact Info

Troubleshooting license client install on OS X

  • I installed the program and it runs for me, but other users can't run DNAStar -- It wants to run the License Tool
    • The current version of the installer ssems to get the permissions wrong on the license file (it'll work for the person who installed it but no one else -- symptom is it will ask run the Lasergene License Tool, which you should not do). To fix this
      1. Log into your Mac as a user with Administrator privileges
      2. Open Terminal and run the following command to fix the permissions on the license file -- you will need to retype the password for the local adminstrator account on your mac:
sudo chmod 644 /Library/Application\ Support/DNASTAR/Licenses/lshost
    • this seems to be fixed in the installer for version 8.

Can't open old DNA* files on OS X

  • problem: user double-clicks on files and they open in Terminal. Lasergene programs don't recognize the files as belonging to lasergene.


Archived News

  • 19 Nov 2009 I am moving the license server. I've also installed the version 8 license server, so you can use version 8.0.3 of DNA* Lasergene. The old server will stop working on Dec 1. If you don't plan to upgrade to version 8, see FixingDNAStarLicense for instructions on changing the license file on your computer(s).
  • 21 July 2008 we renewed our agreement for the next year. Please be responsible and quit out of all Lasergene programs when you are done with your analysis. Users are being denied access because "all licenses are in use" -- also, expect version 8 to be available real soon now.
  • 10 Mar 2008 v7.2 is on my server. There is also a 'beta' version that works for OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
  • 14 Jun 2007 If Lasergene is not working, you may need to fix your LSHOST file. See FixingDNAStarLicense.
  • 13 Jun 2007 The IP address (but not domain name) of the license server changed today. Contact KarelSF if you are having problems.
  • May 2007 Support for Windows Vista should be available in Lasergene 7.2. We are planning to renew our license agreement so we should get this if and when it is released.
  • Nov 2006 Lasergene 7.1 is out.
  • Jul 2006 We renewed our support contract. As part of the renewal we got Lasergene 7 -- this is now installed.
  • Feb 2006 Lasergene 7 is out. I haven't really tested yet.
  • July 2005 I have installed the new network license server for Lasergene 6. We have a 5-user license for DNA* Lasergene for Windows and Macintosh. Your computer must be on the Brandeis network for the programs to run. We have recently renewed our service contract which now expires in 2006. See instructions above.
  • Jun 2003 There are new versions available. Version 5.06 is the current version for classic MacOS, version 5.5 is the new Mac OS X native version. Look in the DNAStar folder onMacStuffPublic, there's a folder new_may_03 with those versions. I have tested them to the extent that I know they install and run. Contact me personally about how to register the OS X version.
  • 19 Nov 2002 New version of the Transcription Factor Binding Sites database files.
  • 18 Sep 2002 Version 5.05 is released. New versions of the software are available on MacStuff Public in the DNAStar folder. Release notes attached. Follow the instructions below (upgrading your local copy). Move the 6 new programs and run the installer gqv505.sea to update GeneQuest.
  • Aug 2002 An OS X version is due out "in a month or two".
  • 19 May 2002 We've renewed our license for another year. The salesman hints that a Mac OS X native version is coming "soon".
  • 12 Apr 2002 E-mail from DNASTAR announces that the issue with NCBI's website (see below 4/3/02) has been fixed by NCBI. No software update necessary on our computers.
  • 03 Apr 2002 E-mail from Lasergene warns that searching NCBI (e.g. BLAST) may not work due to changes on NCBI's website.
  • 03 Mar 2002 Note regarding installation of DNAStar in Classic Mode on MacOS X
  • 20 Jan 2002 Version 5.0.3 installers are on MacStuff Public. Read the announcement.
  • 8 Oct 2001 There are now version 5.0.2 installers for EditSeq and MapDraw on MacStuff Public. Read the note from DNAStar tech support
  • 1 Oct 2001 Deb Bressan wrote in to tell me about a serious bug in MapDrawRead her note.

Steven Karel - 14 Feb 2012

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