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One-Time Setup:

Instructions on how to setup your account for the first time on the new machine.

YOU WILL NEED YOUR BRANDEIS ID CARD!!!! The first time you register the card, you will need to scan your card and then enter your UNet and password (same as

logging into Gmail). After that, you can either just swipe your card or you can login with your Unet and password.

After the First Time Setup:

Above is the home screen – this is what it should look like before you start.

To login, you will EITHER swipe your card OR enter your credentials.  To swipe your card: as long as the
black bar is under the scanner, it does not matter face-up vs. face-down or forwards vs. backwards.
To enter your credentials: type your UNet (email without the and password (click
OK after each and then click Log In)

After Logging In:

• If you have any printed jobs, they will appear in your queue and you can click print

from there (see details below)

• If you are making copies/scans you will need to click DEVICE FUNCTIONS (which

brings you to the Copy get to the Scan section, click the Home button at the

bottom….more details on page 2)

• note: do NOT click Home until you click Device Functions first. (but if you do, click

Home again and then click PaperCut)


When you click print from a document, site, etc. on your computer choose either:

  • "brandeis-ricoh-bw"
  • "brandeis-ricoh-color"

Side note: it does SCAN in color.
The first time that you print, you will need to enter your UNet (without and password when a
pop up appears asking for your credentials. Make sure that you check the box to remember the credentials for
next time, that way you will NOT need to enter the login every time.

When you arrive in the copy room, scan your card (or enter your credentials) and click on the correct print job in your queue. Then either click PRINT or CANCEL.

Note: jobs will stay in the queue until you print them or for 4 days (to accommodate long weekends) but will then be cleaned out to save memory.

Once you print a job, you cannot print it again – if you expect to need a test print, send 2 jobs to the printer and just delete the second one if you don’t need it!


1. swipe your card or enter credentials


3. enter the number of copies, change settings for double-sided, staples, etc. (the default is 1-sided to 2-sided!!! if you want 1- sided to 1-sided, you should un-highlight the

button for 1-2 sided so that none are yellow)

4. click Start

5. (to start another copy, click NEW JOB at the top)

6. remember to logout when done


1. swipe your card or enter credentials


3. click HOME (only after Device Functions)

4. click SCANNING

5. choose "scan to me" which should automatically have your Brandeis email address (or enter someone else's email address by Manual Entry)

6. place page(s) in top feeder or on glass (face-down)

7. change settings or click START

8. the machine will give you 60 seconds to load another page, if needed. either switch the page and click start again or you can click # to force it to finish

and send to your email

9. remember to logout when done



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