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Login to the Papercut User Portal using your Brandeis Credentials.  This portal is only accessible on campus.

Select “How to setup Mobility Print for your Mac or mobile device.

Select macOS or iOS

You will then see step by step instructions.

The shared printer queue that MACs should connect to are named :

When you first print, you may be asked for credentials on the MAC.  You will need to enter your Unet ID and Password and NOT your local credentials you use to login to your MAC (if they differ).


FAQ - I setup Air Print on my MAC and I don't see my print jobs when I scan my card at the device.  Why can't I print?

If you used a local user name and password when you setup Air Print and not your Brandeis Credentials, you will not be authenticated to Papercut and this is why your print jobs are not appearing in the queue or when you swipe your card at the device.  This issue will also occur if you mis-types your Unet ID and password during the initial Air Print setup.

How do I fix the issue?

To fix the issue, you will need to remove the keychain that is storing your credentials.  Follow the steps below :
1) Open the Keychain Access tool from the Applications/Utilities folder.
2) Search for "ricoh", and delete the key associated with the printer, probably called "brandeis ricoh color" or "brandeis ricoh bw".
3) In the upper left corner of the Keychain Access window is a lock icon:  click it to lock the login keychain, then click it again to unlock, and enter the password you use for the computer.
4) Print something to the printer you're trying to connect to, and enter the correct username and password. Make sure you check


At this point, the new key should be created and stored.  If you are unable to follow these steps, you can reach out the Help Desk to assist.


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