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Brandeis University has partnered with Ricoh to deliver new multi-function printing devices. These machines facilitate the need to print, copy, scan, and fax. These devices utilize the latest in technology software called Papercut.

The benefits to the University are:

  • Sustainability
    • Brandeis community members have emphasized the need for environmental sustainability. Through the use of this technology, Brandeis will help to stop unclaimed printing resulting in less paper consumption.
  • Security
    • Secure printing across campus enables data security.
  • Technology
    • Ability to print from mobile or web.

 Over the next several months additional functionality will be delivered and available campus wide.


Ricoh Multi Function Device Project

Important LinksRicoh Project Details



Ricoh Device Instructions

MAC Air Print

PC Mobility Print

Web Print

Ricoh Signage

Ricoh Device Locations

Ricoh Device Manuals by Model

Brandeis has a new partnership with Ricoh, involving the replacement of all the current Multi-function devices on campus with new Ricoh all-in-one fax/scan/copy/print machines.

The new machines will give the Brandeis community the ability to:

  • Release a print job to any copier on campus by swiping your Brandeis ID Card or by entering your username and password
  • Print from your cell phone or mobile device
  • Fax from any copier
  • Print confidentially and securely from shared copiers
  • Utilize new technology and best practice in print management
  • Reduce wasted paper

The new machines are part of a larger program that will help Brandeis reduce print waste and our associated carbon footprint. Currently, the university uses approximately 100,000 pounds of paper every year, creating a carbon footprint of more than 150 metric tons of CO2-equivalent, the same as burning 17,000 gallons of gasoline.

The new program will help reduce paper usage an estimated 30% by increasing duplex printing and reducing abandoned print jobs.

Installation of new devices around campus has been completed.  This site will provide links to Frequently Asked Questions, as well as documentation for the new devices.

Don't forget to come back to see any updates around the project.  We will be adding content to these pages over the next few months.


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