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System Overview

The Brandeis HPC cluster (HPCC) is a centrally administered computing cluster dedicated to research computing and computational studies. HPCC Resources are composed of compute and graphics-processing units (GPU) servers owned by various research labs in the Division of Science. The system is accessible at to users with HPCC Account Association. Upon login, the users land on hpcc (login-0), and from there they can organize their files, compile the software and prepare the runs, and then interact with the job scheduler to submit the calculations to the compute nodes. There is an HPC Advisory Committee that oversees the cluster. System management, application, and user support and users training fall primarily to Arash Nemati Hayati. Announcements about the new clusters are sent through the new-hpcc-users mailing list. 

If you have a technical question or problem that cannot be addressed by the documentation below, or you need HPC related advice, please open a ticket using the form at this link: Open a Ticket.


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