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Interactive jobs are defined as jobs that you need to run while you are logged into a specific compute node. 

You must use interactive jobs in any of the following circumstances:

  • Data Visualizing
  • Code Compiling
  • Software Testing
  • Code Debugging
  • Any task that requires frequent changes to the run configurations

HPCC users should specify the account, partition, and qos (quality of service) in their batch scripts and interactive sessions according to HPCC Account Association.

To get an interactive session on a compute node:

srun -A guest -p guest-compute --pty /bin/bash

To get an interactive session on a gpu node:

srun -A guest -p guest-gpu --gres=gpu:1 --pty /bin/bash

Do not forget to exit the terminal once your interactive job is done. To do so simply type "exit" and hit return:



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