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IPython Notebook ( ) is a web based extension of iPython.  It's very powerful and convenient and It allows you to mix code, annotation, text, figures into a single interactive document.

IPython is included in all of the most popular python distributions, like Anaconda , or Canopy. If you have one of those distributions installed on your computer, you can already start using the notebook.

Here a couple of hints on how to open a notebook on Mac and Windows:

Mac users 

  1. open a Terminal 

  2. cd into the folder where the notebook you would like to open is  :
    for example:
  3. start python notebook with the following command:
    ipython notebook yournotebook.ipynb

Windows users:

  1.  From the Programs menu click on the IPython Notebook icon, inside the Anaconda program folder.
    This will open a window in your default web browser.
  2. Navigate to the folder where the notebook is and click on it.

In both cases ( Windows or Mac), after the notebook is loaded  It should look something like this :


For example, make sure you can read this 2 lines Notebook : My-First-Notebook.ipynb 
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