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10%: 45 mL vaseline, 5 mL mineral oil

15%: 50 mL vaseline, 7.5 mL mineral oil (for better accuracy: 68mL Vaseline and 12mL mineral oil - LH)

10mL syringes


  1. Add Vaseline to a 100ml beaker and heat until liquefied on a heating plate. Add more as necessary.
  2. Add mineral oil.
  3. Mix to combine well with a spatula. 
  4. While the mixture is still warm, submerge the tip of the syringe and pull the plunger to collect the Vaseline mixture. Can fill the syringes up to the desired level, usually ~8mL. 
  5. Label syringes (10% or 15%) with label tape.
  6. Leave a sticky note with your name and the date the syringes were made. 
  7. Allow to cool down and solidify vertically for at least a 1-2 days (this allows bubbles to accumulate either at the top or bottom and not in the middle).
  8. Once solidified place into the container on the dissection bench.


To bend the needle tip, use wire cutters to cut off the sharp part of the syringe tip, then use pliers to open the tip (press on the ends of the tip that were squished by the wire cutter) and bend the tip about halfway up to the desired angle. 


Tweak the ratio of vaseline to mineral oil for desired consistency. Some find it easier to use 85 mL of Vaseline and 15 mL of mineral oil to avoid the need to push very hard on the syringe plunger.


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