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Minimal Expectations:

***SUPER IMPORTANT*** The room should stay around 60°F all year round with the AC running, so if you detect that the temp is higher than that (if it feels hot or if the thermostat reads a higher temp), contact the current Lab Manager. (The AC does break sometimes even though it's new, which then affects the tanks' cooling mechanisms and then the crabs get boiled to death. oof.) 

Please clean up after yourself if you happen to spill anything or generate trash.  

Also be sure to enter appropriate information into the logs taped to the tanks as this helps the current Lab Manager and the (other) undergraduates keep track of the number of crabs in each tank as well as the status of the tank. 

If you would like to be a little extra helpful: 

If you find dead crab(s) in any tank, remove and dispose them in the carcass freezer. Also make sure to make a note on the tank's log. 

If the carcass freezer is almost full, you can let the current Lab Manager/any of the undergraduates know and they will take care of it. 


If the number of crabs in the tank room seems rather low (less than 10), be sure to let the current Lab Manager know so that they can order more crabs. 

Use a sponge wet with warm water to wipe down the sink counter to prevent salt buildup. 

Tank Room Remodel

The tank room was recently remodeled when it reached 25 years old! As you can see from the pictures below, it was disgusting and really needed some TLC work done. 

As part of the remodel:

  • Switches were installed for each outlet.
  • GFI outlets were installed by the sink.
  • GFI breakers were installed for each outlet at the breaker box.
  • The room was repainted.
  • A 1/4" protective barrier was installed to the height of the tanks to protect the walls all the way around.
  • The floor was completely redone.
  • The sink and the door were ground down to remove the rust and seal coated to protect them.
  • The DI water faucet was replaced on the sink.
  • The nasty, rusty ducts were replaced.
  • The door was made to accept card swipe and the main lab key.
  • 4 new tanks were installed (in addition to the 6 we already had).
  • All the tanks were outfitted with new surge protectors.

In order to keep the tank room as nice as possible for as long as possible it is vital that everyone takes part in keeping it nice and cleaning up any mess that is generated.





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