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General Procedure for Experiments

____Procedure for Setting Up + Doing Experiments on a Rig (generalized).pdf

General Rule: Do not use any particular rig until the owner(s) have communicated (together) to give you permission and show you how to use it. 

Rig Room Protocol - Use and Cleanup 

Dissection Bench & Sink

Some general Etiquette:

  • If you are the last one to use the counter, be sure to clean and wipe down the counter and tools. 
  • Make sure you do not keep the saline bottles out of the fridge for longer than necessary. Please also refill them when they are close to empty and wipe down the bottles when they look dirty. 
  • Wipe off any saline you spill - salt builds up quickly! (on the counter and in the fridge) 
  • When leaving preps in the fridge, label with (tape and) Sharpie with your name and date. Do not leave partially dissected preps in the fridge for >1 day. 
  • Please also replace empty paper towel or glove or kimwipe boxes, refill transfer pipet boxes, replace old sandpaper, etc. 


**SUPER IMPORTANT** After the dissection, clean off the counter with multipurpose cleaner & a sponge, then warm tap water, and finally ethanol (wiping it down with paper towels in between steps). This prevents accumulation of (hard to remove) organic material on the counter. 

  • Everyone who uses the dissection bench and sink is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. To clean the bench please follow the SOP (standard operating procedure) below. Don't skip steps! Each step is important to remove different layers of stuff from the lab bench.

Dissection Bench/Sink Cleaning SOP:

    • Apply multipurpose cleaner, scrub with a sponge, & wipe down
    • Apply deionized/warm water liberally and wipe down
    • Apply Ethanol (EtOH) and wipe down


  • In order to make sure the bench and sink stay clean there is a weekly Bench Monitor. The responsibilities of the Bench Monitor are listed below, and there is also a sign above the dissection bench. The weekly Bench Monitor will also be listed on the whiteboard in the dissection area above the crab key. The schedule for this is on the Cleaning page and also has a google calendar–the lab manager will add you to the calendar/rotation if you are doing dissections.

Bench Monitor Duties:

    • Ensure that the dissection bench & sink is being cleaned daily by those doing dissections
    • If not make sure to let people know & remind them to clean the bench/sink
    • Make sure NO crab parts are going down/in the sink.
    • Wipe down the bench thoroughly once a week. See SOP below.
    • Change absorbent pads (under dissection dishes and under dissection tools) once a week.

Air Table Maintenance

All of the air tables are hooked up to airlines in the walls. In the event that the airline isn't working, we have a few nitrogen tanks that can replace it. If the gas tank for an air table needs replacing, go to this link for instructions on safe handling and installation of new gas tanks: Regulator Use Procedures for Non-Hazardous Gases

Axoclamp Amplifiers

If you encounter problems with your amplifier, please follow this link to troubleshoot Axoclamp Amplifiers:


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