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The Marder Lab Chemical Inventory is kept at Quartzy. It was updated on January 10, 2018. See current Lab Manager for access.

Stocks of all the chemicals we use like salts, alcohols, etc. and also other general lab supplies like wypalls, kimwipes, gloves, pipette tips, etc. are located on this inventory system. If such materials are missing/almost depleted, please request them through Quartzy and the Lab Manager will order more. The items we are low on (or a new item you'd like to order) can be requested through Quartzy, which will notify the lab manager that these items need to be ordered. Quartzy can also be used to search the inventory to determine if we have an item in the Marder Lab and where it is located.

Useful Information

Where to Buy/Services: 

Mini Double Banana Jack Plugs

Dark-field condensers for rigs

The ones we use are made by Nikon. The part number is MBL 12010. It's described as a "Dark Field Condenser, Dry 0.95-0.80". If I (ALT) remember right, they cost ~$700 circa 2005.

Electronics repair

I (ALT) haven't tried them yet, but Hayes Instrument Service ( looks like a good bet. They are local, have free pickup/dropoff, and evaluation is free if you decide to get the thing repaired. As of 9/2009, They change $75 for evalulation if you decide not to get the thing fixed.

There's also an electronics shop that is located next to the machine shop that Frank Mello runs, in Shapiro. I (ALT) didn't know this existed before Frank moved into Shapiro. Eve says she doesn't know if they are good or not, but they seem worth a try to me.


  • Pipettemen - Maintenance & calibration occurs once every year. They are usually calibrated when the Bio. Department hosts a calibration event in the Fall, since the prices are lower due to the bulk service.
  • Scopes - Maintenance occurs once every ? months. Contact name and number:
  • Scales - Manuals located at the benches (drawer 42–labeled user manuals). Maintenance & calibration occurs once every year. Contact name and number: Mettler Toledo Service Department–they have our service contract on file
  • Floors - Maintenance occurs once every year in the summer. The floors are maintained by Brandeis Facilities (X 68500).

Rotation Project Suggestions

  • Measuring ATPase levels in STGs that have been exposed to high K+ 
  • Finding heat shock proteins in the STG - do the levels change with exposure to heat ramps?  

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