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0.6 M K2SO4 20 mM KCl

Salt (FW)Conc (M)g/Lg/250mL
KCl (74.56)0.021.490.373
K2SO4 (174.27)0.6104.626.141

Usually, electrode filling solution is made in 250 mL batches. Add deionized H2O to 26.141 grams of K2SO4 and 0.373 grams of KCl to obtain a final vloume of 250 mL of solution. Heat the solution on the mixer, giving it ample time to fully dissolve (~ 30 minutes). Let the solution cool and filter it by drawing the solution into a large syringe, placing a luer-lock filter on the end of it, and pressing the solution out of the syringe through the filter and into a new container. Repeat if necessary but do not draw the unfiltered solution into the syringe with the filter already on it. The filtered particles will be on the wrong side of the filter and will re-enter the solution.

Intracellular electrode solution (Scott Hooper's electrode solution)

Saltin 100mL ddH2O
10 mM MgCl20.203 g
400 mM Kgluconate9.368 g
10 mM Hepes0.249 g
15 mM Na2SO40.213 g
20 mM NaCl0.117 g

-filter with .2 um membrane (syringe)

-prevents swelling of cells during temperature sweeps

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