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We have three primary places to store and work with data. 

What you should put on the archive

  • all your data, organized by lab notebook
  • figures, any other material that is relevant 
  • talks, powerpoint slides, etc, organized in their own folder
  • all the data that went into a paper in its own folder, organized by figure #
  • A file that describes the organization of your folder

What you should NOT put on the archive

  • pictures of your cat, dog, or significant other 
  • PDFs of papers you thought were very interesting
  • code. 
  • the entire contents of your C:\ drive


List of hard drives in the lab

This is a list of unshucked hard drives in the lab, with what they contain, who they're assigned to, and their specifications. If they're not assigned to anyone, they are empty and exist in the common pool of hard drives. All hard disk names are names of elements – if you find a hard disk that has a different name, then it is using an outdated naming scheme and needs to be renamed.

Hard drive nameAssigned toSizeDataFastest PortMake
HydrogenSrinivas Gorur-Shandilya8TBSrinivas' data  
HeliumSTG database server12TBSTG database (mostly empty)  
LithiumDevorah Kranz2TBDevorah's data  
Beryllium?????2TBdata from Sara. may also contain data from other people. Needs to be moved to Archive.  
Boron 4TBempty  
Carbon?????????????? can't find a power cord to power this up (Lacie NAS)  
NitrogenLeandro Alonso2 TBleandro's data  
Oxygen????2TBformerly "archive 1". data from  hilary_bierman , mehmet_fisek ,  stefan_pulver, anneelise_tobin, kris_rehm, rachel_grashow, wesley_ludwig. Needs to be moved to Archive.  
Fluorine?????8TBformerly "BZZZZ". Alec's backup [should be moved]. Source code from Prinz 2003!!!  
Neon????1TBbackup of Rachel Grashow's data. Needs to be moved to Archive. hard drive physically damaged.   
Sodium????4TBFormerly "Newer Archive 2". contains data from

anneelise_tobin, mehmet_fisek , toly_rinberg, hilary_bierman, rachel_grashow , kris_rehm ,    ryan_maloney , lamont_tang,  stefan_pulver   ,  wesley_ludwig, maire_goeritz_on_machoman theresa_szabo

Needs to be moved to Archive.
Magnesium????4TBformerly "Archive 2013 Set 1 Disk B". data from adam, gabrielle, irene, jon, kara, maria, netta, sonal, tilman, toly. Needs to be moved to Archive.USB 2.0Seagate
AluminiumLily He4TBBackup of LH's data Seagate
SiliconLily He, etc.4x3TB

LH's data (and other long-term rig experiment data - Dan, Dahlia, Phil)

Phosphorus????4TBformerly "Archive 2013 Set 2 Disk A". data from hilary_bierman, maire_goeritz_on_machoman, rachel_grashow    theresa_szabo       kris_rehm                  mehmet_fisek               ryan_maloney               toly_rinberg, anneelise_tobin            lamont_tang                missed_files.txt           stefan_pulver              wesley_ludwig Needs to be moved to Archive. Seagate
ArgonMara Rue2TBbackup of MR's data  
KryptonDave Hampton2TBBackup of DH's Data  
RadonJason Pipkin6TBbackup of JP's data  
Archive 2??????   
CobaltKatelyn Wadland2TBbackup of Marder Lab notebook scans  
ZincSonal Kedia2TB   
DagonNoah Guzman2TBBackup of Noah's data. G-Technology



Connecting to the file server

SSH connections to the file server are not possible. 


  1. Click on the finder
  2. ⌘ + K 
  3. use "cifs://
  4. enter your user name and password. 


Connect using cifs://


  1. Click on the computer icon in Computer 
  2. Use \\\marder-lab 
  3. Use Brandeis email + password to sign in

Connecting to the archive server 


  1. Windows Explorer 
  2. Computer 
  3. Map Network Drive >> \\\Archive1 
  4. Use Brandeis email + password to sign in


  1. Click on the finder
  2. ⌘ + K 
  3. use "cifs://
  4. enter your user name and password. 


  • make sure you're on the Brandeis network
  • If you're off-campus, you will have to use the Brandeis VPN first
  • If you're on eduroam, make sure you sign in with your Brandeis credentials. Signing in with other credentials will not work. 
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