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General Cleaning-we should implement this

General lab cleaning is done by everyone on dates arranged by common agreement. Usually once every 4 months or so, a Friday is selected and everyone gets assigned or chooses to clean one area in the lab – dissection area, benches, cold room, back room, lunch room, etc.

The food area in the back room is cleaned by one person every week. 

Dissection Bench & Sink

  • Everyone who uses the dissection bench and sink is responsible for cleaning up after themselves. To clean the bench please follow the SOP (standard operating procedure) below. Don't skip steps! Each step is important to remove different layers of stuff from the lab bench.

Dissection Bench/Sink Cleaning SOP:

    • Apply multipurpose cleaner, scrub with sponge, & wipe down
    • Apply deionized/warm water liberally and wipe down
    • Apply Ethanol (EtOH) and wipe down


  • In order to make sure the bench and sink stay clean there is a weekly Bench Monitor. The responsibilities of the Bench Monitor are listed below, and there is also a sign above the dissection bench. The weekly Bench Monitor will also be listed on the whiteboard in the dissection area above the crab key. The schedule for this is below & has a google calendar–the lab manager will add you to the calendar/rotation if you are doing dissections.

Bench Monitor Duties:

    • Ensure that the dissection bench & sink is being cleaned daily by those doing dissections
    • If not make sure to let people know & remind them to clean the bench/sink
    • Make sure NO crab parts are going down/in the sink.
    • Wipe down the bench thoroughly once a week. See SOP below.
    • Change absorbent pads (under dissection dishes and under dissection tools) once a week.
1/22/2019-1/27/2019Dan S.
4/1/2019-4/7/2019Dan P.
4/8/2019-4/14/2019Dan S.


Glass and Plastic Dishes

Everyone uses a variety of glass or plastic dishes for experiments, etc. Everyone usually cleans after themselves, but any glassware, etc. that gets left in the sink closest to the front door will get cleaned by the technician or undergraduates. This cleaning usually involves no soap or detergent - dishes will get rinsed out several times with hot water, then deionized water and then left to dry on the drying rack/counter. If the glassware is particularly dirty, they will get washed with Sparkleen 1 (for manual washing). When dry, the glassware will be returned to the cabinet. 

***Any dishes that have touched fixatives are cleaned out by the people using them, and only in the middle sink (‘fix sink’). Dishes that have not touched fix are not to be cleaned in this sink, and dishes that have touched fix are to be cleaned only in this sink and no other.***

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