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Phosphate buffer recipes can be found below and on note cards taped to the shelf near the scales/pH meter. At all times, we keep 1L of regular PBS and 1L of PBS-T (with triton added). The stock solutions for the buffers are kept in the cold room and are replaced when we run out. The recipes for the stocks are at the same location.


For a more complete list, see the following from the STG Lab site at


PBS 1x

Per 1 L H2O

440 mM NaCl X M/1000mM X 58.44 g/mol = 25.71 g NaCl

11 mM KCl X M/1000mM X 74.55 g/mol = 0.82g KCl

10 mM Na2HPO4 X M/1000mM X 141.96 g/mol = 1.4196 g Na2HPO4

2 mM KH2PO4 X M/1000mM X 136.09 g/mol = 0.272 g KH2PO4

Per 9 L H2O (make this!)

231.4 g NaCl

7.38 g KCl

12.78 g Na2HPO4

2.448 g KH2PO4

**Adjust pH to 7.4 (add approximately 800 uL of 10M NaOH

PBS-T .1%

Follow procedure above. At the end, add 1mL Triton X-100 per L H2O .

For the standard 9L solution, add 9 mL Triton X-100.

**Pipette triton very slowly to avoid loss/bubbling

Monobasic: .1 M = (55.196 g NaH2PO4 *H2O)/(4L dH2O)

Dibasic: .1 M = (56.784 g Na2HPO4 )/(4L dH2O)

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