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Who can have a Zoom account? And, how do I get one?

Anyone with a Brandeis Unet ID can have a personal Zoom meeting room. Simply go to and click on "Login". You will then be directed to the Brandeis login page to enter your Unet credentials. You will then automatically be provisioned an account with a personal meeting ID.

What are my device options for connecting to a meeting?

Zoom meetings can be joined via the following options:

  • The Zoom application for Mac or Windows (download here)
  • Mobile device (via the app for iOS and Android) 
  • Dedicated room system (h.323 device or TelyHD)
  • Call in via a standard telephone. 


Can I share a Powerpoint presentation, videos or share my screen?

Yes. You can either share your entire desktop or you can choose a specific application to share. You will see the blue "Share Screen" button on the bottom right when you are in the meeting. You will only see applications listed that are open, so if you want to just share PowerPoint, open the application before attempting to share it. You can also share full motion videos, just make sure you check off the "share system audio" button in the screen share window. More information on screen sharing can be found here.

How can I make sure that other meeting participants will be prepared for the meeting?

Please feel free to pass along our Zoom Guide for Participants documents, which includes all of the information participants will need to join a Zoom meeting for the first time.

Download: It is recommended that new users download the software and test their equipment prior to their first meeting. To download the software, either click on the link sent to you by the host, which will prompt the software to download, or you can dowload it directly from Zoom here.

Test: You can test your video and audio by following the step-by-step instructions here.

Do all of the meeting participants need an account?

No. Only the host needs to have an account. As long as a host is in the meeting, everyone else can meet without signing up for anything.

How many people can join a Zoom meeting?

Up to 100 people can participate in a standardZoom meeting. Larger capacity meeting rooms are available upon request. Please send inquiries about large capacity Zoom meeting rooms or use of the Brandeis Zoom Webinar account to


Can I record my meeting?

Yes. The moderator will see a record button on the bar the bottom right of the screen when in the meeting. This will start and stop the recording. The moderator can also give other participants permission to record. Recordings can either be saved directly to your computer or save to the Zoom cloud for easy online sharing. Cloud recordings are only saved for 1 year, so be sure to download your recording if it needs to be saved permanently. More infomation on recording can be found here.


Why would I want to hold a meeting using Zoom?

People are using Zoom for lots of different purposes including remote meetings, group collaborations, faculty office hours, bringing in guest lecturers, teaching remotely, and holding online synchronous classes when the campus is closed due to weather. It is a great tool to bring people together regardless of their physical location. The possibilities for uses for meeting and collaborating online are endless.

Do pre-existing Zoom users need to sign up for a new account?

No, all Zoom users with an "" email address are automatically associated with the University's site license. To log in using Unet credential, go to OR click on the "sign in with SSO" button from the app login window.

What is the best way to invite people to a meeting?

There are a few different ways to invite people to a meeting.

  • If you schedule a meeting, it will create a Google Calendar event that you can invite people to join. The calendar invitation will include all of the information they need to join.
  • You can always use your personal meeting ID link, which will always be<your personal meeting ID>
  • You can setup a "personal vanity URL" which will like directly to your personal meeting ID. This way, you simply till participants to go to<personal link> and they can join your meeting. 

More information about your Personal Meeting ID and Personal Vanity URL can be found here.

It is recommended that you generally use your personal meeting ID by starting "Instant Meetings", rather than using the "Schedule a Meeting" tool. By using your personal meeting ID, you can simply tell people to join you by going to<personal meeting ID>, which will be the same for all of your meetings. If you schedule a meeting using the scheduling tool, the meeting will have the option to be assigned a unique ID which can be difficult to keep track of if you schedule a lot of meetings. 

Where can I get more information or support?

Additional information as well as links to documentation can be found at Questions and support inquiries can be emailed to

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