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The official wireless network at Brandeis is eduroam. Students, faculty, and staff should use the eduroam wireless network for connecting computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Ready to connect? Read our connection instructions.

Please use brandeis_open only for game consoles, media players, and smart TVs such as Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Apple TV, and Roku. Devices such as the Google Home and Chromecast require being on the same network as a phone to set up, and therefore cannot be supported on Brandeis' network.

Wireless Networks Recap


Shared wireless network accessible ateducationinstitutions around the globe.

eduroam is the Brandeis preferred wireless network -- all Brandeis community members are asked to use it. For assistance, please see our instructions for connecting to eduroam.

brandeis_openUnencrypted network with restricted protocols. Ideal for gaming devices such as Xbox, PS4, or other media devices like Apple TV and Fire Stick.
brandeis_guestUnencrypted network for guests with basic networking.

Why eduroam?

eduroam is a fast, secure, and encrypted network. It provides important safety and security for personal information when browsing the Internet, entering passwords and credit card information into websites, logging in to sage and LATTE, sending email, and so forth.

The eduroam network is also handy for travelers.  If you visit one of the many colleges and universities in the U.S. or Europe that participate in eduroam, your device will be automatically configured to get on their wireless networks. If you're in signal range, you've got free wireless access!

Where is eduroam offered?

Besides Brandeis, eduroam is offered at nearly 100 institutions in the United States. eduroam is also available in 36 European countries, 6 Asia-Pacific countries, and Canada. With hundreds of thousands of eduroam wireless access points, eduroam acts as one large, worldwide, wireless hotspot.


Tips for using eduroam on the road

If you are a Brandeis community member and plan to visit another eduroam participating institution, you should configure eduroam on your device before you go. You'll use your login to connect to the other institution's eduroam wireless network.

If you are a guest visiting Brandeis, you'll use your home institution's username and password system to connect to eduroam at Brandeis.  Please contact your home institution for help or support, and to obtain setup instructions particular to your institution.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.