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Text editing can be done by using the Text Editing Toolbar (also called the "Atto Editor") available within areas such as forum posts, labels and assignment descriptions. Many of the icons and functions are similar to those within word processors but there are some extra features that can be useful for editing text.

Additionally, the record audio and video features with the LATTE upgrade to 3.5 can be found in the Toolbar.


Basic toolbar view:

  1. Reveal additional editing options
  2. Change the size of the text
  3. Bold
  4. Italicize
  5. Undo
  6. Redo
  7. Bulleted List
  8. Numbered List
  9. Hyperlink
  10. Edit Link
  11. Remove Link
  12. Add Image
  13. Add Media (from repositories such as YouTube, Google Drive or Box)
  14. File Manager
  15. Record audio
  16. Record video


Expanded toolbar view:

When clicking on the first icon on the top-left, you can expand the text editing option to reveal additional features. 

  1. Underline
  2. Strike-through
  3. Subscript
  4. Superscript
  5. Text Color
  6. Highlighting
  7. Left Text Alignment
  8. Center Text Alignment
  9. Right Text Alignment
  10. Indent/Tab Left
  11. Indent/Tab Right
  12. Equation Editor
  13. Special Characters
  14. Table
  15. Horizontal Line
  16. Columns (Bootstrap Grid)
  17. Clear Formatting
  18. Accessibility Checker
  19. Screen Reader Helper
  20. Left to right type 
  21. Right to left type
  22. Word Count
  23. HTML code



Depending on the size of your web browser page, the appearance of the toolbar may look slightly different from the images above



Many people like to compose their forum posts, labels, and other text-heavy entries in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. Benefits to word processing programs include superior grammar and spell check functions, ability to save drafts, and no risk of dropped connection during composition. However, on many platforms, the word processor’s formatting code will be copied over and can create errors and other complications.

Word formatting code is incompatible with the LATTE formatting code.This incompatibility has been known to corrupt courses, causing sections to disappear and other unusual behaviorIf you have composed your labels in Word, you may experience difficulty importing from past courses or other losses of functionality.

Solution to Remove Unwanted Formatting Code

  1. Type your post in the word processing program (e.g. MS Word), regularly saving your work.
  2. Perform spelling and grammar check.
  3. Open a plain text editor (e.g. WordPad or Notepad for PC and TextEdit for Mac).
  4. Copy the text in the word processing program and paste it into the plain text editor. The plain text editor will strip the word processor's formatting from the text.
  5. Copy the text from the plain text editor and paste it into the LATTE window.
  6. Apply any text formatting (font color, bold, italics, etc.) in the LATTE window.