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This tool allows instructors to view a single student's forum posts and filter by forum, topic, and date range.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your LATTE course page. Turn editing on by clicking on the button on the upper right-hand corner or the link under Course Utilities in the Administration block.
  2. Locate the LATTE Course Tools block. If found, continue to Step 3.
    Otherwise, select LATTE Course Tools from the drop-down menu in "Add a Block".
  3. In your new LATTE Course Tools block, click on the Sort/Filter Forum Posts link.
  4. Select the student's name from the drop-down menu below Participants.
  5. Choose the single forum you wish to view, or leave as "All forums".
  6. If you chose a single forum in Step 5, choose a topic from the single forum.
  7. To see only forum posts between a certain date range, check the "Date Range" box. Doing so will show you Beginning Date and Ending Date below, where you can set the dates.

  8. Click the Display Posts button on the right.

Displaying of Forum Posts

If a student has any posts that match the criteria set in the filtering options, the posts will appear below the sort/filtering options. If there are no posts that meet the defined sorting criteria, no changes will appear.

Shortcuts to Assignments, Grades, and Forum/Topic

The sort/filter forums interface has several shortcut buttons:

  • Go to assignments: This will take you to the list of all course assignments.
  • Go to grades: This will take you to the gradebook. The gradebook will only display the student selected on the sort/filter forum posts page.
  • Go to forum/topic: This will take you directly to the forum/topic  you selected, but show all posts, not just the student you selected.

 These buttons are located on the right hand side. 


To return to the course homepage from the sort/filter forum posts page, click on the course code breadcrumb link at the upper left of the page.