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Brandeis University has partnered with Ricoh to deliver new multi-function printing devices.

These machines facilitate the need to print, copy, scan, and fax.

These devices utilize the latest in technology software called Papercut.  Information including setup are located here: Administrative Printing


Common Issues

My ID card doesn't work when I swipe it at the Ricoh Device, what do I do?

First, make sure that you are swiping your card correctly. If you see a green light on the card reader, then the reader is recognizing your card. If you see a red light, the card is not being read successfully. 
Some users may need new cards printed if their old card has been demagnetized. New ID cards can be printed in the Card Office located in Kutz Hall. Ext: 6-4230

If you still continue to have issues printing please contact the Help Desk at 781-736-HELP (x64357), or submit a ticket online.


I forgot my ID card, can I still copy, print or scan?

Yes. You can still use the devices by authenticating at the device. When you go to the device, you can log in using your Brandeis UNet ID and Password.  This will log you in to the device and you can then retrieve any print jobs you sent, copy, or scan.



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  1. Should add how to release a job.