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Step 1: Backup Your Course in Legacy LATTE

  1. Access Legacy LATTE and navigate to your course. 
  2. Click on the “Backup” link in the LATTE course Administration Block in your old course site.
    Link to backup legacy course
  3. In the next screen, you will determine what you would like to migrate to New LATTE,

    • Only select and check to include the documents and activities you know you will use moving forward.
    • Leave behind all of the old User Data, select Noneat the top of teh page above User Data.
    • Uncheck "Course News & Announcements" and "Introduce Yourself" forums, as these are already in your new LATTE course.
       select to add no user data
  4. Scroll down to the next section.
  5. Choose "No" in the drop-down menus to Users, Logs, User Files, and Course Files. This will leave behind the content generated by your previous students.
    change the defaults
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the Continue button.
  7. On the next page, note the Name of the backup file that is being created, and the materials included in your file.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Continue and LATTE will begin compiling the backup.
    Wait until the process is finished. The amount of time the system takes to create a backup is related to size and the number of files in your course.  This may take some time, please be patient.
  8. After the message "Backup completed successfully" appears, click the Continue button again.
  9. LATTE will direct you to your course File directory where you will now see a file starting with “backup” in the “backupdata” folder. 

Click file to download to your computer

8.   Click on the name of the backed-up .zip file and save it to your computer.  Note where exactly that file will be saved on your computer. (Different browsers may require different mouse commands to save the file to your computer; in Firefox this is a "right click".) Keep in mind that it is good practice to keep and store locatable copies of all your developed course sites outside of LATTE.

Important Notes:

Backups Saved on LATTE Are Deleted after 60 Days

Backup files that are made can be found in the "backupdata" folder within the Files directory of a Legacy LATTE course for two months. In order to ensure Legacy LATTE’s long-term operation, we are only able to keep instructor-created course backups in Legacy LATTE for a 60 day period. Older backup files are automatically deleted from LATTE, but additional backups can be made. Instructors can make backups of their courses whenever they choose, but we strongly recommend that you store your backup files in another location outside of LATTE for long-term archiving. If you need assistance with the course back-up process, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Step 2: Restore Your Legacy LATTE backup in New LATTE

1.  Go to the course site in New LATTE that you'd like to migrate your course data to...

2.  Click on Course Utilities in the drop down menu at the top of the page, and then click on Restore.

Click here to restore a backup into your course

3.  To upload your backup file click Choose a file... and browse for that zip file backup that you saved to your computer.

Upload your backup file

4.  When migrating material from Legacy LATTE into New LATTE, you will always choose "Merge the backup course into this course" (the default).

Choose whether you'd like to merge or overwrite the files

5.  This page will have Restore Settings; the default settings are fine. Click Next.

6.  This page allows you a second opportunity to uncheck and remove items from being imported.  Click Next.

7. This page allows you to review everything before you restore your data.  Click Perform Restore.

8.  When the restore is finished, a green banner will appear, confirming that everything was restored properly.  Click Continueto return to your course page.



If you have any difficulties with the backup and restore process, please request assistance from LTS by emailing