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Each semester, the Committee for the Support of Teaching (CST) encourages the use of midterm teaching assessment forms to assist faculty in assessing and improving their teaching effectiveness. These forms are currently available on the CST Web site.

The Committee provides two online surveys to use for midterm evaluation: the 10-topic assessment and the two-topic assessment. The 10-topic assessment asks students for answers on ten aspects of the course, ranked on a 1 to 5 scale. This assessment also allows for additional comments. The two-topic assessment is identical to the one used at the end of semester for course and teacher evaluation.

The results are meant only for the instructor; the instructor is the only one who reads and assesses the responses. All student responses are configured to be anonymous.

Making the Course Feedback Form Available

Shortly before the middle of the semester, the ten-topic and two-topic Course Feedback Forms will automatically appear as hidden activities (grayed-out text) within your LATTE course in the first section of the course outline.  The Course Feedback Form is designed with the Questionnaire tool.

  1. Turn editing on by clicking on the button on the upper right-hand corner or the link under Course Utilities in the Administration block.
  2. Click on the icon of the closed eye  next to the assessment you wish to make visible and accessible to your students. The text of the Course Feedback will change color from gray to blue, indicating that it is now available to your students.

View Course Feedback Form Results

During the defined midterm evaluation period, the Course Feedback Form will be open for students to complete. Both during and after the period the survey is open to students, instructors can view the results of the assessment.

  1. From your  LATTE course homepage, click on the name of the assessment you are using.
  2. Click on the "Show responses" tab on the right and the "Show responses" button that appears in the tab.

Further Analyzing the Course Feedback Form Results

An instructor has multiple options for analyzing the results of the Course Feedback Form. These options appear when an instructor views the Course Feedback Form results (see instructions above).

  • View by Response: Click this button to review results from each student one-by-one.
  • Download in Text Format: Saves a comma separated value file to your computer. Can be opened into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • Delete All Responses: Clears the survey. 
    Warning: If you choose this option, all data from students will be lost.



For information on other ways to collect student feedback on LATTE, please click here.