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Microstrategy is the software used by the data warehouse team to provide reports to end users.

This tree contains articles that cover our accumulated knowledge of Microstrategy tips and tricks as well as Brandeis' report standards.


For now, Jessica Maryott will be populating these pages with information from many sources. If you have suggestions or additions, please feel free to make them here or send comments to her.

If you come across something interesting in building a report, but don't have time to pursue it yourself, you can email Jessica Maryott (jmaryott) with some information (what the something was and why you think it might be interesting) and she will look into it and maybe set up a Friday Pandera discussion if necessary.

The goal of these pages is to collect in one place the a set of best practices and how tos that will allow us to make reports that are consistent, accurate and hopefully more quickly.


For more information about the Data Warehouse at Brandeis, please see