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One of the first steps you should take in building your LATTE course is configuring the course settings. 
Course settings determine much of how your course will appear and what students will be able to do within your LATTE course.

Step-by-step guide

  1. From your LATTE home page, click on the name of the course you want to work in.
  2. Click the "Edit Settings" under "Course Utilities" within "Course Administration".
  3. The course settings page will appear.
    General Settings
    • Course Start Date: This is provided automatically by the Registrar and shows on your course outline only in the weekly course format. You can change the course start date to fall on whatever date you would like, including the first day of your class. The date you choose for the start of the course will be displayed as the start of week 1. In this way you can choose whether to start the weekly sections on a Monday, Tuesday, etc.


    Course Format
    • Format: “Format” allows you to select different ways to lay out your course. We recommend either the "topic" or "weekly" format.
      "Topics" is the default format, organizing the course by topic sections that the instructor can give titles to. 
      "Weekly" organizes the course week by week, with a clear start and end date. LATTE will automatically create a section for each week of your course.
      "Grid" organizes the course topic by topic and you can add a picture. Only the grid is displayed, students must click on each picture to see the course material for the topic. This is good for students who use mobile devices to access LATTE as it reduces scrolling. 
    • Hidden Sections: This setting determines whether sections in the weekly or topic format will show only the heading or be completely hidden until you choose to make the section visible to your students.
    • Course Layout: This setting determines whether all sections will be shown together on one page, or if sections are shown one at a time with the option to navigate to another section.

    Appearance Settings
    • Force language: You can change your course's default language from English to another language. This setting will not translate content written in another language.
    • News items to show: Number of news and announcements that will show in the Latest news block. News items appear when an instructor or assistant posts to the "News & Announcements" forum. The Latest news block must be added by the instructor for news and announcements to show.
    • Show gradebook to students: This setting determines whether students will see their own grades you enter in the LATTE course or whether their grades will be hidden from them. A student can never see another student's grades.
    • Show activity reports: Instructor and assistants may view the online activities of a student within a class by clicking on the "Reports" link under the Administration block. The default setting of "Yes" also allows students to view their own online activities within the course; setting it to "No" will not allow students to view their own activity report. 

    Group Settings
    • Groups (Group mode and Force group mode): Groups are an advanced feature in LATTE, and faculty members interested in learning about creating and using student groups in LATTE should contact LATTE Help for further guidance
      (For more information on using groups, click here.)

  4. After you are finished editing your settings.  Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page to have these changes go into effect.


Registrar-Controlled Settings and Other Enrollment Settings

Many settings are provided by the Registrar or are default settings necessary to control how students are enrolled in your course.  If you have questions about a certain Registrar-controlled or other enrollment settings, please contact LATTE Help at x6LTTE or

For more information on course settings, watch this screencast on creating sections on Lynda.