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When an instructor is registered to teach multiple sections of a single course, he or she may want to share content across all sections of that course within LATTE. LATTE has options for sharing content across sections.


Enrolling Course Sections in a Metacourse
LATTE has a feature in which "parent" course receives registrar information from the "child" sections the instructor is teaching. An instructor may use this feature in several different ways to share content between sections in LATTE. See the illustration below to see how "child" course (section) enrollment feeds into the LATTE "parent" course (metacourse).


Requesting a Metacourse
Metacourses in LATTE are currently created only by request. Contact LATTE Help ( or x6LTTE) to request a metacourses to share the same content in all your sections. Metacourses are identified by having "all" within their course name when it is displayed on your LATTE Dashboard.

Options for a Metacourses and Sections

  1. Do you want to share course resources between sections?
    Choose this option if you want all students in all sections to see the same content. All students are enrolled in the metacourse [Course Code_all] and can all access the information uploaded there. 

  2. Do you want students to communicate within their section?
    Choose this option if you want to show the same content to all the course sections through the metacourse, but also want to use the section courses for section-specific discussions and other interactive features. Ensure the metacourse [Course Code_all]  setting indicates "Hide" and explain to students that they find content in the metacourse (all) and interact in the section course (1, 2, or 3).

Adding Grading TAs in Metacourses and Sections

Grading TAs cannot be added at the Metacourse level, they must be added in each section individually. For more information about adding Grading TAs, see our instructions for Adding an Assistant, Guest Instructor or Guest Participant to LATTE Courses.