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Many people like to compose their forum posts, labels, and other text-heavy entries in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs. Benefits to word processing programs include superior grammar and spell check functions, ability to save drafts, and no risk of dropped connection during composition. 

However, on many platforms, the word processor’s formatting code will be copied over and can create errors and other complications.

Word formatting code is incompatible with the LATTE formatting code.This incompatibility has been known to corrupt courses, causing sections to disappear and other unusual behavior. If you have composed your labels in Word, you may experience difficulty importing from past courses or other losses of functionality.

Solution to Remove Unwanted Formatting Code

  1. Type your post in the word processing program (e.g. MS Word), regularly saving your work.
  2. Perform spelling and grammar check.
  3. Open a plain text editor (e.g. WordPad or Notepad for PC and TextEdit for Mac).
  4. Copy the text in the word processing program and paste it into the plain text editor. The plain text editor will strip the word processor's formatting from the text.
  5. Copy the text from the plain text editor and paste it into the LATTE window.
  6. Apply any text formatting (font color, bold, italics, etc.) in the LATTE window.


Note: The LATTE editor (not visible in Safari) has a "Clean Word HTML" button . However, this button does not work reliably. Use the solution detailed above.

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  1. regarding step 3 above:

    Consider also using a better text editor than the simple ones supplied with Windows or OS X. For OS X, consider TextWrangler; for Windows, consider Notepad++.