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Choice is an activity in LATTE that acts as a polling option. The instructor asks a question and students can select from a predetermined number of options as an answer. Choice can be used as a way to group students,  select a time to meet, or answer a course question. Only the instructor will see the response, it will not be shown to the entire class. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the webpage
  2. Sign in with your Brandeis user name and passphrase
  3. Select the chosen course by clicking on the name
  4. Turn editing on
  5. Scroll down to the topic you would like to have the Choice feature
  6. Click “Add an activity or resource”

  7. Select Choice from the Activities menu and click “Add”

  8. Enter in the Choice name and description if you wish
  9. Determine settings (such as allow updates, more than one choice, etc

  10. Enter in the answer options you would like to use (if you need more than 5, click the button on the bottom to add more option fields). The "limit" option is only available if you limit the number of students who can choose each option, such as only 4 students per choice if creating groups. 

  11. You can edit other settings, such as restricting time or access
  12. Click “Save and return to course” 



If you have only a few choices, choose to display them horizontally; if you have a large number, choose to display them vertically.

Type the selections you wish to appear next to the radio buttons in the options fields.

Options settings will expanded by default. 

  • Setting 'Allow choice to be updated' will allow students to change their mind after they have voted. The default No means they cannot change their first selection.
  • If you allow more than one choice to be selected, the checkboxes will display differently to alert students that they can make more than one selection. 
  • Limiting the number of responses allowed means that only a certain number of students can select the choice before it is "full". This is useful for determining group project topics. 


Here you can set a start and end date for the Choice.

Ticking the Show preview will mean that students can view the choices before the time when they are allowed to make their selection.


Think carefully about whether (and how) you wish student to see the responses. 'Publish' simply means 'display to students'.

Showing a column for unanswered may be useful if you need to quickly check who has not entered a choice.

Below is an image of the instructor's view of choice.  The instructors can see the total number of participants who choose each option as well as who answered each option. 

Downloading results

A teacher may download the results of a Choice activity by clicking the 'View... responses' link and then selecting from ODS, Excel or text format.

Use images or other file types as choice options instead of text

To do this, first upload your images or sound files (mp3) or video files to the internet.

Copy the URL (web address) of the files you want to display.
Paste it into a text editor like notepad (This is not essential but makes it easier to add the code)
To display an image, add this code either side of your image URL:
<img src="YOUR_IMAGE_.jpg">


To display a sound or video file -first ensure your site admin has multimedia plugins/filters enabled

Add this code either side of your sound or video file:
<a href="YOUR_SOUND_FILE.mp3"></a>

Set up your choice as normal and in the options boxes, paste the relevant code+URL.

Beware! Double check before you paste - any extra or missing space or bit of code and it won't work. 

Uses for Choice 

  1. Project/Group Sign up 
  2. Start of class warm-up question 
  3. Course expectations agreement 
  4. Assess understanding 
  5. Elective options 
  6. Choose a direction the course is heading 



Please contact the LATTE team for individual help with the Choice tool at