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LTS makes regular backups for the entire LATTE system. In order to additionally safeguard your course from human error (such as instructors or assistants accidentally deleting or modifying files and assignments), LTS recommends instructors do their own backups of their courses during the semester and store the backup files outside of LATTE.  A backup file saved outside of LATTE can serve as your personal record of your course's online resources, and may be used to transfer your course to another school using a compatible version of Moodle.

Suggested times to do a course back-up:

  • Before you make significant changes to the course settings
  • After you have done a lot of work prepping your course for the semester
  • Whenever you have finished entering assignment grades into the Gradebook
  • Before you experiment with a feature of LATTE you haven't used before 
  • At the end of the semester, to save all student work and activities
  • Whenever you want extra peace-of-mind

How to Create a Back-up of Your Course

  1. Log into your LATTE course 
  2. In the Administration block under "Course Utilities", click on "Backup".
  3. In "Backup Settings", make sure what you would like to backup is checked (The default options are most likely okay). Click the Next button to proceed.
  4. On this next page, un-check any Topics or individual activities that you do not want to backup. The default is to back up everything (It is not necessary to back up "Course News & announcements" or "Introduce Yourself" since these topics appear upon course creation. Click Next.
  5. Pick a Filename for your backup. A filename is generated automatically using your course ID and name, but you may change it to whatever you like.
  6. Click on the "Perform Backup" button at the bottom of the page to backup the course. A green banner will appear informing you that the backup was successful. Click Continue.
  7. LATTE will direct you to the backup directory, where you can download the backup to your computer by clicking the "Download" button next to the file.

    Click on the Course name near the top of the page to return to your course's home page.

Restoring Your Course From a Backup File

1.  Go to the course site in LATTE that you'd like to migrate your course data to.

2.  Click on Course Utilities in the drop down menu at within the Administration block, and then click on Restore


3.  To upload your backup file click Choose a file... and browse for that zip file backup that you saved to your computer. When you've uploaded your file, click Restore


4.  On the next screen, click on Continue at the bottom of the page. 

5.  On the next page, you can choose how to restore your course. The default is to Restore into this course, and selecting the Merge the back course into this course" option. Click Continue


6.  This page allows you a second opportunity to uncheck and remove items from being imported.  Click Next.

7. This page allows you to review everything before you restore your data.  Click Perform Restore.

8.  When the restore is finished, a green banner will appear, confirming that everything was restored properly.  Click Continue to return to your course page.

Instructor-Created Backups Saved on LATTE Are Deleted after 60 Days 

In order to ensure LATTE’s long-term operation, LATTE will only keep instructor-created course backups that are less than 60 days old. Older backup files will be automatically deleted from LATTE once a day. Backup files can be found in the "backupdata" folder within the Files directory of the LATTE course.

Instructors can still make backups of their courses whenever they choose, but they will need to store these backup files in another location outside of LATTE for long-term archiving. If instructors should need to use backup files to restore a course, they should contact the Help Desk for assistance.


LATTE Backups by Information Technology Services

In addition to backups made by instructors, Information Technology Services (ITS) has a backup schedule for LATTE.

ITS makes regular backups that allows ITS to restore LATTE data in the event of a system problem. In case of catastrophic failure of the system, a once-a-day backup is made of LATTE. LTS cannot restore single courses from this backup.

Individual courses are backed up each morning by LTS, and the backups are only saved for 48 hours before being deleted. Individual courses are also backed up every week (currently on Sundays), and are kept for 2 weeks before being deleted. If an instructor needs to have a course restored because of accidental corruption of their course, their options are to use a copy of the course that is 1 day old, 2 days old, up-to 1 week old, or up-to 2 weeks old.


To see a demonstration on how to back up your course, please click here.