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LATTE requires that all users log in with a UNet ID provided by Brandeis University. Students recieve instructions to create a UNet ID from the Office of the Registrar. Faculty and staff recieve UNet IDs upon their employment.  Others must be given a UNet ID as a Sponsored Account by an administrator or faculty member.

Please note that a newly created UNet account will take up to 24 hours to become active in LATTE.

Guest Student Access

Students from another college or university who are taking classes for credit at Brandeis University should follow these steps to get a UNet ID to access LATTE:

  1. Find your Sage ID. This is provided by the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Go to, and click "Create an official staff/faculty/student account." Follow the instructions to create a UNet Account.
  3. Within 24 hours, you will be added to the LATTE system. Log into LATTE to access your course(s).

Guest Instructor Access

Guest instructors who are not Brandeis faculty members but will be using LATTE should follow these steps to get a UNet ID to access LATTE:

  1. Confirm with the Brandeis faculty member who is the primary instructor of the course (or the appropriate departmental administrator) that they will sponsor your UNet account, and get the sponsor's Brandeis University email, as you will need to enter it shortly. 
  2. Go to, and click "Request a sponsored account"
  3. Complete the Sponsored UNet Account Request form. The form will require you to enter the email of the faculty or staff member who agreed to sponsor your account.
  4. Inform the sponsoring faculty or staff member that you have made the request, and they should follow the instructions they receive in their Brandeis University email for approving your sponsored account.
  5. Once your UNet ID is created, the primary instructor must add you manually into the LATTE course, assigning you a role that most closely meets your instructional needs in LATTE.  Learn more about assigning LATTE rolesIf the instructor does not add you within his or her LATTE course, you can log into LATTE, but no course will appear. 

Guest users who have been invited into a LATTE course as a guest participant should follow the same steps as a Guest Instructor to get a Sponsored UNet ID (see above).  The instructor of the LATTE course may assign you as a Guest Participant or other appropriate role for your participation in the course.