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The courses you are teaching and have taught are listed on the Latte Dashboard page in the center of the page. To enter a course, click on the course’s name.

If you have not made the course available to students, you will see "Not Visible to Students" next to the name of the course.

Additionally, students will receive this message when they attempt to access the course.


Learn how to make your course visible here.

Non-traditional courses such as independent studies, TYP courses and other "special courses" are created in Latte by request. Please send an email to with the name of the course, code (if applicable) and the instructor(s) and/or academic administrators that should be enrolled in the course.






If you are a student enrolled in at least one course, your courses will be listed on your LATTE Dashboard once you log in to LATTE. Clicking on one of your listed courses will take you to that course's homepage. The faculty member teaching the course is responsible for publishing the course and making it available to students.


Active courses should appear blue or brown. If a course title is gray, the professor has not yet made that course available to students. If a course you are enrolled in does not appear in the center with your other courses, it has not been published in LATTE.




If you are not enrolled in a course and should be, contact the Brandeis University Registrar's Office (phone: x62010 or You should be enrolled in a LATTE course one to two days after you officially register for the course with the Registrar's Office. If you dropped or added a course during the weekend, LATTE should be updated by the following Monday.

For accessing materials from a previous course:

  • Alumni: Alumni will not have access to their courses once they graduate. If you need materials after you graduate, you should reach out to the instructor or the department for assistance.
  • Current students who took a course not within the Division of Graduate Professional Studies: Students have access until they either graduate or the instructor has made the course unavailable.
  • Current students who took a within the Division of Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) course: Students have two weeks from the end of the course to access course materials. After that point, they should reach out to their student advisor for assistance.